Transforming Lives - Map Our Mental Health

When we ran Transforming Lives in 2016, we focused on positive mental health for trans people. We wanted to start talking about our own mental health in a way that recognised the dual stigma of being trans and struggling with poor mental health. 

In 2017, we are trying to build on that work we did with ourselves and create connections that allow us to access more mainstream resources in our community. We want to create a map of these connections so in the future, when someone is looking for an organisation that has done some work with trans people, they can look at the map and see what there is in their area. 

Do you realise how many mental health groups there are in Ireland? I know I didn't until I started to look. There are groups like PleaseTalk in colleges, groups like GROW in the local community, Mental Health Ireland has associations in a number of towns nationwide and that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

So this March, to coincide with the Trans Day of Visibility, get connected. Find a local group and see if they'll meet with you. Be the person to test the waters and with our support develop a network of trans friendly organisations across the country.